Photoshoot & Portfolio Making

We provide a full comprehensive package for your model portfolio. Our dedicated photographers and makeup artist will work closely for a best and professional portfolio for you. Login as a model / talent to join any available photoshoot.

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Do & Don't on your photoshoot day

What should you do before the photoshoot?
1. Just be yourself. Show your attitude on what suit you the best.
2. Bring at least your basic make-up and your under garments.
3. Get enough sleep. Avoid tension and stress on the day of the shoot.
4. Look and bring your old pictures; It's fine to show your old pictures to the photographer.
5. Get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water in the day leading up to the shoot.
6. Please do not party and drunk the night before. If you "accidentally", reschedule your photoshoot.
How you act in-front of camera?
1. Be yourself, relax and show your attitude.
2. Don't move too fast before you are ask to do so.
3. Don't shy to your photographers. They do know how to capture you the best.
4. Have fun on your shoot. If you do, it will show up in your pictures, and you'll be that much closer to a callback.
1. Usually for a profile photoshoot, we do not provide clothes.
2. Avoid loud patterns such as checkerboards, polka-dots and stripes. Please also make sure that your clothes colors are not same as the studio background.
3. Always take a nice variety of pull-overs and button-ups to your shoot.
4. Bring several pairs of shoes of several types-although they may not be seen, they complete the outfit and give a sense of the character.
5. You and your photographer can look over the selection that you brought to your session and decide what would be appropriate for you to use in your shots.
6. No Jeans: Jeans are a little too casual. Try something more formal. Remember you want to look extraordinary and have something to offer that the rest do not have.
7. No Logos: Okay. Listen carefully: NO WRITING ON YOUR SHIRT. That goes for auditions as well.
8. Limited Jewelry: Avoid distracting accessories, such as large, shiny jewelry. If you have a pierced ear, wear studs or small hoops.
9. Glasses: If you wear glasses, go with frames only, no lenses; lenses can cause a glare or reflect the flash, ruining a perfectly good shot.
Other tips?
1. Arrange consultation with your photographer to discuss goals, idea, wardrobe, hair, theme and make-up
2. Make sure to eat and perhaps bring some snacks to keep your energy level up.
3. Check with your photographer to discuss any questions about make-up, directions and clothing.
4. Only bring your close friend. The least or none is the better. As many brought friends will lead to crowd.
5. Again, get enough sleep a night before!





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