There are 3 Models & Talents available for Russia

danilModel ID: danil    Age:26   Availability: Weekend   Link: http://www.deballz.com/danil
Ethnictity: Caucasian   Height:180cm   Weight: 70kg   
Interest: Catalog Editorial Feet Lingerie Nudity RealPeople Runway
Coverage: International
rogovenkoModel ID: rogovenko    Age:27   Availability: Weekend   Link: http://www.deballz.com/rogovenko
Ethnictity: Caucasian   Height:189cm   Weight: 55kg   
Interest: Body Catalog Commercial Editorial Facial Fashion Hands Kids Lingerie Nudity Parts Runway SpokeModel SwimWear
Coverage: International
sorinModel ID: sorin    Age:24   Availability: Weekend   Link: http://www.deballz.com/sorin
Ethnictity: Caucasian   Height:188cm   Weight: 8kg   
Interest: Catalog Commercial Print Runway SwimWear
Coverage: International


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